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Uni and the Library Books
So I had to make a brief return to uni today to return some library books which i thought I had returned but hadn't hehe It was quite an adventure but now everything has been sorted and the late return fees have been paid as well hehe

Next Year's Uni
I recieved an e-mail a few days ago from my new university, informing me about some of the study details for my Masters Course. There may be the return of study soon - not so much at the moment because i haven't fully gained an understanding of what i will the finer details of my study will be.

Upcoming Weekend
This weekend I shall be going to see some international cricket between England and New Zealand. Cricket is a very british sport, its rather fun but it does go on for a very long time, which is ok as long as the game doesn't get rained on - i'm hoping that won't happen hehe

BSG Finale Thoughts
Ok so I have to admit that I did spoil myself before I managed to watch the episode this evening (Taru's review was very helpful! yay!) What an episode!!! It was like a class in epicness! So here are a few of my thoughts on the hour of televisual hyperness which has just passed!
-  Lee was so funny to watch when they are celebrating - for a few seconds he's very quiet and thoughful and then seems to realise that they have reached Earth and jumps up on the table thingy and throws off his jacket (contemplative to partying in mere seconds, that's Lee Adama!)

- The scenes with the arrival on Earth were fantastic and seeing each of the characters on the surface was brilliant (also, weren't the colours in the Earth sequence rather impressive, it all seemed rather stark and bleak - reflecting the outlook somewhat i guess hehe)

- When Kara found out about Cylon Anders (The look she gave him was brilliant)

- Tyrol in the airlock shocked me a bit - especially after the last time a member of the team Cally/Tyrol went into an airlock (for the record Cally and Tyrol have visited the airlock twice each - once as a team in the episode A Day in the Life which ended with them being airlocked and rescue and then in both The Ties That Bind and this episode - sadly Tyrol is the only member of Team Cally/Tyrol to leave the airlock through the non-space end hehe) Alas!

- Are Gaeta and Dee going to become a couple?!?!

- Gaius wasn't funny in this episode - which was a shame because i wanted more Gaius humour after the last episode hehe

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